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Diggital is a fully integrated digital marketing agency; helping connect brands to their customers.


We are striving to break the climate of false promises, disagreeing with the ‘guarantee’ (so commonly banded around by agencies), that a single media channel is the route to success and growth. So at Diggital, we don’t promise
one-channel solutions to achieve growth, but know the importance of reaching customers through a myriad of digital channels at every step of the customer journey.


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With the shadow of the COVID-19 Pandemic looming over the global economy, brands are in unchartered territory; facing a threat never before seen in the 21st Century.

Marketing campaigns are being delayed and spend is being deferred. But... brands that actively engage their consumers in a positive way during a crisis will recover quicker and be stronger, for instance stong brands recovered nine times faster following the financial crisis of 2008. Source: BrandZ Global, 2019

Are you damaging your brand and its future growth?


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We were in the process of researching a marketing company to assist us in our website rebuild when a friend recommended Diggital, and we couldn't have been happier! From the start the attention to detail on helping us with the website build was amazing, what's more, they went out of his way to add components to the site that we would never have thought of, such as a built-in ticket reservation system, festival event microsite and more. On a continued basis Diggital Marketing has surpassed our expectations with the increased visibility they have generated with the SEO and social media marketing presence they have created for us, we have seen significant growth in not only our website traffic. When they showed us how looking at the complete customer journey would have an impact on our business we knew we wanted to engage them on a long term agreement.


Seneca Lake Brewing Co.