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The Brief

Seneca Lake Brewing Co's growth plans we're being hindered by their legacy website not being up to the job. Due to this, they were having to use several different platforms for some of their services such as selling event tickets.

Diggital were tasked with developing a new single platform website that would allow them to offer all their services on one site as well as future-proofing for new services.


The Approach

Following reviewing Seneca Lake Co. current and future needs, Diggital undertook market research to understand the competitive landscape, how their competitors were using their websites and how consumers interacted with these types of websites. A wireframe and creative skin were then developed to ensure the customer experience and creative were spot on prior to development.

Once the web site was developed, full testing was undertaken to ensure the functionality was working correctly, SEO and integration with analytics, Facebook and Search Console was implemented prior to the launch being set live.


The Result

Diggital launched a new website on budget and on time that allowed Seneca Lake Brewing Co. to start the journey to reaching their growth plans. The site included all the functionality they had requested and future-proofed it. Functionality included;

  • Full beer selection and information

  • Upcoming events including ticket purchasing

  • Brewery reservation for group bookings

  • Complete e-commerce functionality for future use

  • Complete food takeaway functionality for future use

The fully developed site has seen a 127% increase in site traffic, a 32% drop in website bounce rate and average visitor time spent on the website of 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

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